Mama & Me Journaling

Yesterday, I snuck a special present to my birthday girl….a journal just to be shared between the two of us. It’s nothing more than a spiral notebook with a pretty cover, but my girl was overjoyed. She LOVES to write and draw and can often be found at her desk in her room “journaling.”

My Rainbow has always been extra sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily. When that happens, she shuts down and pouts in her room. Sometimes I’m not even sure what has happened to hurt her feelings and when she finally tells me what is wrong, it’s something that we don’t even realize we’ve done. I know that as she gets older this will just get worse, so I’m hoping that by opening up this line of communication now, it will be an established routine by the time she reaches teen age years. Some things are easier to approach in writing rather than face to face.

The idea is simple…I wrote a short note on the first page to explain the process and slipped it under her pillow. When she writes back, she will put the journal under my pillow. When she discovered the notebook, she ran to her room with it. I didn’t realize she had been working on it or had already put it under my pillow until right after lunch when she repeatedly asked me if I’d been to my room lately. As she was laying down for nap she said, “Mom, while I’m resting could you please check your pillow?”

I’m excited about this special connection with her and plan to implement it with my Hurricane once she’s old enough! Is this something you think your kids would participate in?

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