Have you seen the new Matilda Jane *Not So* Basics Collection?

Sooo…here’s a confession…I used to not like Matilda Jane at all. I thought the patterns were too busy and too mismatched, especially for the price. I did not understand what all the big obsession with MJ was. In fact, I really didn’t even pay that much attention to the brand at all. Then a dear friend of mine who owns a children’s boutique locally became a Trunk Keeper. The girls had done a little modeling for her boutique, and were asked to help out with some shots for one of the summer releases. And ya’ll…they were cute! I started paying a little more attention to this particular line and purchasing a few pieces here and there. And now we’re hooked.

We were recently selected to be brand enthusiasts for our favorite Trunk Keeper, so you’ll be seeing lot of info about Matilda Jane here!

The first thing I wanted to share with you is the *Not So* Basics Collection. I personally am in love with the panties. Have you shopped for panties for your little girl lately? Either they’re cartoon characters or cut too sexy. There is no in between. My 7 year old still enjoys Paw Patrol and Disney princesses, but sometimes she likes to feel a little more “grown up.” These panties are perfect. They are modestly cut and very girly, but not “babyish.”

Camis & Panties from the *Not So* Basics Collection

This collection also includes socks, shorties and pants. Matilda Jane dresses and skirts are know for twirlability! These shorties are perfect for keeping that twirl modest! Or for those girls like my Hurricane who love wearing dresses but play hard.

The best part is that from now until January 31st, you can save 15% on $150 purchase. And that’s site wide! Not just the *Not So* Basics! Check out all the basics and stay tuned for the upcoming February release. I’ve seen sneaks and they are Ah-mazing!

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