My Smallest Valentines

Yes, Valentines Day is not only the day of love, but it’s also my wedding anniversary. Because it falls during the busiest time of basketball season, I seldom see my husband on our anniversary…or any day close to it! So instead I spend my Valentine’s Day with my smallest Valentines!

My Hurricane just happens to be in my PreK 4 class this year, so I get to spend every day with her. And my Rainbow is on winter break, so she’s had to spend some time at PreK with us this week. And we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day to the max!

First we read about and created our very own Love Monsters! This was a project that we did together, but I love how each monster turned out so very different than all the others!

When we walked into the preschool Valentine’s morning, there was a photo opportunity, complete with props! Because of privacy issues, I can’t post my Lions, but here is my Hurricane sporting the Matilda Jane shirt we bought during the Good Luck Trunk sale back in December! (Yes, that is a shameless plug for my TrunkKeeper Jessica! You can check out all the spring pretties by clicking HERE!)

We spent the morning telling what we love about each of our friends, reading Valentine books, and playing Valentine games. Then of course we had to pass out all of our goodies and Valentine cards. I loved seeing all the creative boxes the kids brought to collect their cards in. We totally cheated this year and pulled Poppy out of the closet where we safely stored her after LAST YEAR! She looks as good as new!

And of course there were goodies. Cupcakes, beautiful heart cookies, and the Hurricane’s favorite….Cheetos.

Party day is always crazy and wild, but we all survived and even though my feet were aching by the end of the day it was a fun day full of love. I wouldn’t spend it any other way!

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