School Holiday

No school for us today!!! So how did we spend our “free” day? So far we’ve played Barbies, watched reruns of Kids Baking Championship, baked cupcakes (blog post coming soon!) and gathered things for dress up days this week.

These “popcorn” cupcakes smell delicious!
Barbie and her friends are OVER winter and camping out ready for summer!
Trying our first FoodStirs box!

This is Homecoming week at school…yes, in January. Our private school doesn’t have a football team, but we are all about some basketball! Each day we have a themed dress up day. A couple of the days (groovy day & dress up) were pretty easy to just throw together with things we have but Favorite Character and 100th Day of School required a little vinyl work!

Your favorite character can be from a book, movie or TV show. When I first saw the list I figured my girl would want to be Butterbean or some Disney princess. Wrong! She had other ideas. She wants to be a character from her most favorite TV show…Kids Baking Championship. So I immediately began trying to find a chef hat for her to wear. When I mentioned it, she very adamantly replied that none of the contestants on that show wear a chef hat and a pony tail or bun would be just fine. Alright then! Scrap the chef hat and get busy on the apron.

Thursday is the 100th day of school and 1st grade will be doing all sorts of special activities to celebrate. Each child is to wear a 100 day shirt that has 100 “things” on it. In true Disney princess fashion, my girl requested 100 Mickeys. So that’s exactly what she got.

Picture of each day to come!!

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